TERA gallery / online store is the result of our attraction for unique pieces, objects with history and culture, interest in creating customized, hybrid and distinctive environments and settings.

It’s a “warehouse,” a modern Curiosity Cabinet, an online Wonders Room that invites you to turn any living space into an extraordinary trip.

The store provides the purchase and sale of pieces of tribal art, brut art, contemporary art, ethnic art and pieces, unique and distinctive handicrafts, unique decorative objects, eccentrics, curiosities, in a set that despite apparently not having a common trhead is found in what we have provocatively named “truth art”, not in artistic terms, but of a human dimension.

Overlapping times, temporalities embedded in dialogue, respecting their specificities.

Our pieces are real eyecatchers, small touches that in a hyper globalized world which is becoming more and more uniformized in tastes and tendencies, have the power to transform spaces into unique settings where different, exquisite pieces might appear to contradict each other in styles, eras, arts, tendencies and function, though merging into a harmonious whole, vibrant within a multiplicity of dimensions.

TERA imports directly from all over the world a wide range of special and eclectic objects: architectural elements, paintings, statues, masks, figures, religious objects, daily items full of character, textiles, all carefully selected and ready to be appreciated online and in person. (1)

Decorators, Interior Designers and Architects, Event Organizers and Individuals who are distinguished by their eclecticism, who appreciate the creation of small elegant worlds and aesthetes, from the most sumptuous to the most minimal, from conservative to bold and young, Editors of photographic productions , music videos, image, Model house decorators, Stand organizers at exhibitions and fairs, Pop up stores, Stage designers, Shop window decorators and Owner shops can select from TERA the piece that will make a difference.

Special Discounts for professionals available! Ask us.

We also rent our pieces for events, photographic productions, films (movies, music videos, etc.), theatrical productions, fashion shows, temporary creation of model homes, trade fair stands, shop window decorations, etc.

Special rental packages are available!!!

If you are looking for a special, rare, unique piece that you do not find in our collection, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help you.


Services Summary:

Research, selection and sale of pieces / Rental of items / Sale of your articles and works


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